Thursday, 18 April 2013

Faith in the Midst of Trials

I read this post this morning and it really made me think. While I didn't agree entirely with everything it said, it certianly challenged me to think about suffering in another light.

Here is an amazing quote from it:
"...The temptation is to base our evaluation of God off our life's circumstances...But the truth is nothing can seperate us from His love...God can and will use every life event to draw us closer to Him."
This blog post showed clearly how God often answers prayer in unexpected ways, often involving hardships and trials, but that ultimately if we are His they will end up drawing us closer to Him. So trust Him - He knows what He is doing!

I also read this blog post recently which I also recommend you read:
"...nothing, absolutely nothing, happens to us that God does not allow. He is always in complete control. He knows, He cares, and He loves us no matter what."
So I just thought I'd leave you with those reminders tonight. I hope to blog a bit more comprehensive articles but hopefully that gives you food for thought in the meantime while I finish writing some posts! :) 

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