Saturday, 13 April 2013

God's creation - isn't it amazing?

(First posted on Violets and Daisies on Tuesday, 3 April, 2012)

It’s when I see videos like this that I am once again reminded of the wonderment of God’s creation – and the way that He sustains us all on a daily basis without us ever fully comprehending it! And isn’t the creation story just amazing! God could have created it all in the blink of an eye, but He chose to spend time making it – making us. How often I forget this and become so wrapped up in my own little world, questioning God when things suddenly don’t go my way and becoming all too quick to blame him for it. At the moment, I more than anyone else need to be reminded of His control over our lives and His daily provision for us (I think this calls for me to re-read the Genesis account tonight!!!) 

Whoever you are, your prayers for Daisy and I (as well as Lily and Hyacinth!) would be greatly appreciated, as we (just as everybody else!) go through difficult times in our lives, where it is easy for us to forget God or to begin to blame Him for things. And likewise, our prayer for you is that God will use this blog to draw you closer to Him. 

I’m sure that there was more I was meaning to write, but I must confess that I have reached a blank so I’ll leave it at that for now (probably a good thing, or I’d begin to ramble)! And homework is calling . . .

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