Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Early Morning Musings

Hi everyone! :)

Yes, it's really early in the morning (4.37am to be precise) and no, I am not usually up writing a blog post at this hour! I have just been saying goodbye to some dear family friends who had been staying at our house over the last few days and are now returning to their homeland, after having lived in NZ for several years. I had just hopped into my nice warm bed, when, as often happens, my mind went abuzz with thinking and meditating upon the Lord. Sometimes I wish I could record the deep thoughts that occur just before we drift off to sleep but alas, while I try to do that by writing a diary, often those thoughts are quickly lost forever.

Anyhow, I thought I'd write some musings I've had this evening (or rather morning!) with a prayer that it would help you in your walk with the Lord. Apologies well in advance as the early hour and my thought process means this will be a rather jumbled, disjointed post! Again, it is only my own musings and while I believe what I write to be true based on what the Lord has taught me through His word and my own life, make sure to test it against scripture, and don't hesitate to correct me if I err on something! (Photos are from over the Easter holidays when I went away).

You see, I've been thinking and learning so much lately about how the greatest assets of our personality are also the areas where we are most likely to sin. I, for one, have found that I can be talkative when I choose to be, but this means I can easily gossip. Likewise, I am not prone to giving into peer pressure (I am quite discerning and able to follow my own convictions even if I stand out) but this means I am often tempted to be proud, judgemental and legalistic rather than seeing it as God's hand of grace upon me. The list of examples from in my life could go on and on and on. So where am I going with this - how does this relate to theme of suffering in this blog? Well, I'm also learning that the more I deepen my relationship with my heavenly Father, the more He wakes me up by His grace to these and other areas of sin in my life. But this can leave me with such a seared conscience that I begin, yet again, to look to myself as needing to be perfect to save me rather than resting in God's grace and His Son being righteous in my place, and I can become overwhelmingly downcast. I was reading 1 John the other evening (a wonderful book of the Bible, by the way!), and a verse in it really convicted me:
"By this we shall know we are of the truth and reassure our heart before Him; for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart and He knows everything." ~ 1 John 3:19-20
If you are downcast because of the sin you see in your life, that is good, a true gift from God to be able to see yourself honestly in relation to His standards. However, if you are saved and you see your sin more strongly then His grace than you are missing the point of this verse - that is, that depraved as our sinful hearts are and as much as we will feel overwhelmed by sin as the Holy Spirit wakens us to it, God Himself and His grace is greater than the sinfulness of our hearts and He knows our hearts better than we do! What a cause for celebration that is! It means that we can wholly rely on Him and not ourselves for salvation and that we don't have to live in morbid fear and dread but can live with joyfulness and thankfulness for this! If we are the Lord's, we are no longer at the mercy of a plagued conscience but one set free through Him! And what response can we have to that but to continue to ask Him to help us put to death the sin in our lives? Praise be to the Lord!

Another thing that has been in my thoughts a lot lately is how little I and other godly Christians I know actually speak about the Lord. Something that is a trial for many Christians is the area of singleness or the way we handle relationships which I have not yet dealt with on this blog, partly as that is an area that I feel is already covered very well on many other blog sites who explain this area of life Biblically in a far better and more mature way than I could (if that is something you particularly struggle with some good sites are Paper MacheSet Apart Girl and Peaceful Single Girl - not that I agree with everything on them though, of course!). My thinking is that if you had someone you loved deeply, be it a fiancee, a husband/wife, a boyfriend/girlfriend/someone you're in a courtship with etc. wouldn't you want to talk about them all the time? Wouldn't they constantly be in your thoughts? Wouldn't you be trying to show them in a myriad of ways that you love them? Well, what concerns me is do we think of God more than that? Do we speak about Him more than even those we love most (friends and family)? Do we live our lives as a demonstration of our love for Him? Do we place Him first before all else? Of course, if we're all being honest, we'd have to answer no to these. And yet despite our failings I'm sure we can be talking about Him more, worshipping Him more, thinking about Him more. I want to be known as someone who is growing more and more in love with my saviour and that to be what people remember me by. I think I definitely need to start by bringing him up in conversations more!

Whew, I think that's more than enough writing for now! Thank you for putting up with my ramblings and I hope that it has pointed you to the One that we serve! :)

God bless!