Monday, 2 June 2014

Trials - love letters from heaven?

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Some musings I wrote a while back that I thought I would post here...  

Either I can let the trials in my life define me, and become bitter and twisted about everything I see wrong in my life, or I can see these selfsame trials as God's love to me! Each time He sends a trial, it is His way (incredible as this sounds!) of saying "I love you!"; a little bit like a love letter straight from heaven. You see, He loves me too much to see me living comfortably with sin. He sees pride in me, so begins a process of humbling me, driving me back to Him and His grace. End result? I am more weary yes, but so alive, so awake to the sin in my life and striving to live in a way that honours Him more. It is my belief now that a new life in Christ is wrought in suffering and is the only life that can truly bring Him glory. It is the self-sacrifical life, the kind of life that demands us to "deny [ourselves] and take up His cross and follow [Him]". "For whoever would save His life will lose it, but whoever loses His life for My sake will find it." ~ Matthew 16:24-25. And "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lays down His life for His friends." Self-sacrifice does not come easily or naturally to us!

What do you think? Do you see trials as like 'love letters' from heaven, sent to strengthen and test you in your faith? A way that the Lord can waken you to sin in your life? Food for thought!

God bless!

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