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Below is a list of blog posts written by various authors relating to suffering that I have come accross which are really worth reading.While I don't necessarily agree with everything in these posts, they have certianly helped me and I pray that the Lord would use them to help you too!

A Golden Heartache
Anchored in God
And I thought life was supposed to be easy
An Unexpected Pattern of Suffering and Glory
Anxiety and Depression: My Strange Friends
A Spiritual Stress Test
A Walk in my Character's Shoes

Because we are!
Being Broken
Eagle's Wings

February Song
Fight for Us
Finding Happiness
Finding Hope in Your Future
Finding the Hope in Your Dark Moments
Finding Victory in Defeat
Five Truths About Christians Suffering
Flashlight Apps
For the days when life isn't a fairytale
Four Biblical Ways to Overcome Trials

Girl to Girl Talk: Struggles with Cutting and Depression
Give it to Me
Giving God Glory no Matter what Happens
God, Are You There?
God's Promises in the Valley
God's Strength
Grief: The No-God Zone
Grow Me Lord

Hard Times, Honest Confessions and Hope 
He Will Wipe Away Every Tear
How Christians Prepare for Suffering
Heart's Cry
Hope for the Anxious
How Full is your Balloon?
How to Handle Sorrow
How to Help the Hurting
How to Live When Depression Lingers
How to Keep Going Through Pain
How to Respect Different Life Seasons
How to Respond to Pain and Suffering Past and Present

I asked for Faith
I'd Rather Have Jesus
If God Wills Disease Why Should We Try to Eradicate It?
If You've Ever Been Depressed or Suicidal, We Think You Need to Read This
I'm a Christian and my house just burned down
I'm Not Home Yet
In a World of Pain
In His Hands
In Night Seasons
Is it okay to question God?
Is it wrong for a Christian to be depressed?
It is Well with my Soul
It's okay to smile! :) 
It Wasn't the Smile
I Will Sing!

J, K 
Jenny's Story
Jesus Mourns With You
Know No Fear

Lay Aside the Weight of Discontentment
Leave, convert or die - Can persecution actually be a good thing?
Life, life and more life

Modestly Monday: This Too Shall Pass
Mothers Day for the Motherless

No Cause for Complaint
No Longer Alone
No Place For Worry

O, P, Q, R
On Coping and Cheap Therapy
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
Perfect Faithfulness
Power in Praise
Praise in the Midst of Adversity
Praying the Unthinkable
Recovering from Self-Harm
Resisting the Enemy

Seven Benefits of Going Through Hard Times
Seven Things That Transform Suffering
Shout it out
Some Mail I Can't Keep to Myself!
Sparrows and Soverignty
Stars in Darkness
Suffering is not a competitive sport
Sufferings // in Floral Infinity + Red

Throwback: Flood!
Time Doesn't Heal Wounds
Times When We Don't Know
Trials Come So That ...
Tuning Out the Voice of Discouragement

U, V
Ups and Downs
Verbal Abuse

Wait for the Lord
Weeping with those who Weep
What if heaven isn't real?
What should a Christian do if overwhelmed with depression?
When Anxieties are Like Dustbunnies
When God is Quiet
When God's Timing Breaks Your Heart
When hanging on is a struggle
When I was Suicidal
When Love Walks Away
Where is Safety?
When Dust Swirls and Life's a Mess
When you just want to know why you have to face this storm
When you're just plain tired of the sacrifice
Why do bad things happen?
Why God's Goodness isn't Contingent on our Circumstances
Will Everything Be Okay?
Worry is a Burden
Worry vs Trust
Wounded by Christians

X, Y, Z 
You are Blessed!
You're Surrounded by Love Today
You can stay full of joy!
You Don't Have to Carry So Much 


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